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    Expo opening time 2021.10.25-10.27    Exhibition hotline 0086-579-87282888  87282878   87282828  87282868  
    The China Hardware Fair is one of the key fairs supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the government of Zhejiang province. It has been successfully held for 25 years since 1996 which gathered more than 2000 enterprises among the provinces, municipalities,autonomous regions and more than 30 countries and areas. It is known as a significant international event in the hardware industry.The influence and reputation of the China Hardware Fair has been continuously enhanced which rely on the vital hardware production and exportation base, the Chinese largest collecting and distributing center ----Yongkang and its market advantages. The exhibition has became a hardware professional trade show. The transactions of the 25rd China Hardware Fair reached 14.88 billion yuan.
    As one of Chinas biggest hardware market and the biggest products exchanging center, China Science & Technology Hardware City has an area of one million sqm for business hardware facilities, which consists of Jincheng market, Jindu market and Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center, hosting over 4600 dealers running business on hardware products from all over the country. Being famous for hardware products, China Science & Technology Hardware City is the leader of domestic hardware markets, also, awarded many honorary titles as "Leading Market of Zhejiang", "Key Markets of Zhejiang", "Zhejiang Four Star Civilized Norms Market" and "Zhejiang Civilized Organization".

    1.Electric tools :Electric tools ,Pneumatic tools,Air tool,Steam guarantees the tools ,Abrasive abrasive ,Cutting tools and accessories.

    2.Tools of hardware :Gauge,Cutting tool,Hand tools ,Garden tools,Plumbing tools ,Hoisting tools ,Hydraulic tool ,etc

    3.Daily-use hardware and Hardware appliances :Stainless steel products ,Hutch defends hardware appliances ,Technology hardware ,Weighing apparatus ,Hotel supplies ,etc
    4.Cars and Fitness of leisure:MJotorcycle ,Electric car ,Scooter ,Bicycle ,Beach car ,Cart,and all kinds of vehicles with its accessories .

    5.Mechanical and electrical products :Air compressor ,Electric ,Motor ,Pump ,Cleaning machine
    ,Marking machine ,etc

    6.Mechanical equipment :Lathe ,Milling machine,Planer ,Punch ,Compressor ,Injection moldingb machine ,Die casting machines,Woodworking machinery ,Spraying equipment large mechanical equipment.

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    Please confirm the booth number.

    Add: No. 6 JinDu Road, Yongkang City, Zhejiang province, China
    Organization Committee of the 26th The China Hardware Fair (Yongkang, China)  Post code:321300
    Investment Hotline:0086-579 - 87282888 | 87282878 | 87282828 | 87282868 Fax No.:0086-579-87282888  Website:www.keyanhome.com
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